The Olgoonik Team

Olgoonik is a strong family of professional contracting companies established to create benefits for our Alaska Native shareholders and fueled by the belief that to do so our operations must remain of the highest quality, our employees qualified and principled, and our commitment to safety and every client’s mission unconditional.

From our roots in Alaska’s Arctic to our operations in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East, our experienced and dependable workforce consistently delivers results through a sharp combination of innovation and practicality. Read More »

For Our Shareholders

Savaġnina Sivuniqrapta – Pikaġilugich Piiġaniktuat

Building Our Future – Honoring the Past. Supporting shareholders as they seek to enhance their knowledge, skills and abilities is an organization-wide priority. Celebrating and nurturing our Iñupiat heritage is, too. Your Shareholder Services team works to keep you informed of training and employment opportunities as well as develop valuable community and education programs. Read More »