2018 Dividend Disbursement Update

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2018 Dividend Disbursement Update

The 2018 Shareholder Dividend payout date is scheduled for Thursday, May 24.

Paper checks will be dated and mailed via U.S. Postal Service on May 24 to the address on file; please allow adequate time for delivery. Checks cannot be held at the Wainwright or Anchorage offices.

Direct Deposits (ACHs) will be routed to the shareholder bank account on file on the May 24 if they have submitted their direct deposit form and elected to receive dividends that way. 

The deadline to submit forms to make changes to bank accounts, tax withholding, and/or addresses was April 27.  If changes were submitted after that date, they were not included for processing in this dividend payment. Payments will be made according to the information on file as of April 27. Corrections, if necessary, will be made after the initial payment date of May 24.