Early Bird Prize Winners

Early Bird Voting

Early Bird Prize Winners

ANCHORAGE, AK – Congratulations to our Early Bird Voting Prize winners! Olgoonik President and CEO Hugh Patkotak, Sr., with assistance from Marilyn Oktollik, OC’s Administrative Assistant in Anchorage, drew 10 lucky winners from the pool of Early Bird voters who submitted their proxies by the May 26 deadline. To see video of the drawing, visit the Olgoonik Shareholder Connection Facebook page. Winners are listed below. Please fill out a W-9 form and email it to ocstock@olgoonik.com to expedite payment. If OC has your current email address and phone number on file, you will also get a call or email from the Stock Department to arrange payment. Unsure if we have your correct information on file? The best way to update your information is to send us a Change of Address form and be sure to include your phone number!

Brooklyn Mose (Custodian Cassandra Mose)

Clair Okpeaha

Willie Akpik

Angelina Driggs (Custodian Mellissa Okpik)

David Saldivar (Custodian Nellie Saldivar)

Marlene Patkotak

Gareth Ahmaogak (Custodian Mary Ellen Ahmaogak)

Bernadine Ahvakana (Custodian Bessie Ahvakana)

Raymond Leroy Okpeaha

MacRidge Eddie Nayakik (Custodian Linda Nayakik) 

Haven’t voted yet? There’s still time! Vote now at olgoonikvote.com and you will still be entered for a chance to win a regular door prize. We are giving away $27,000 in prizes on June 13, also on Facebook Live. To be eligible, voters must return their completed proxies to the Inspector of Election by noon on June 12.