Message to Shareholders from Olgoonik’s President and CEO

Hugh Patkotak

Message to Shareholders from Olgoonik’s President and CEO

Many of us are carefully watching and reading news of COVID-19 and its impact on Alaska and Alaskans. At a time when so many things feel uncertain, I want to reassure our shareholders that their corporation is strong and resilient. We have more than 900 employees at 50 worksites and offices all around the globe and our leaders and employees have been working together to ensure that everyone stays safe while we continue business operations. It is certainly not business as usual, though. Managing the risks in Olgoonik’s many different lines of business has never been a simple task, but one that we have always done well. It requires expertise and a strong core leadership team now more than ever to stay plugged in and responsive to the changes happening every week.

We do not have any confirmed cases of COVID-19 at our worksites or offices at this time. If there is one thing that we have all learned across the world, it’s that we are all in this together. I am thankful for the people we have in place here who have been working closely together for weeks on our plans to keep employees, and shareholders, as safe as we can. Our COO Mike Mora has been instrumental in bringing everyone together (well, at least 6 feet apart, to maintain a safe social distance) to look out for the best interests of our corporation, our employees, and our shareholders. Our president of OD operations, Marty Miksch, with assistance from OD division leaders, has been managing all of our global operations teams and making adjustments to worksites and staffing plans that take into account the health mandates in different regions. Our president of OH operations, Steve MacRae, and the rest of the OH leadership team, has been paying close attention to the impact of State of Alaska orders and North Slope Borough emergency orders. Wherever we’ve needed to, we have paused projects, enabled some employees who can successfully work from home to do so, and set in place additional health and safety guidelines for our workers. I am impressed by our many employees who have continued their focus on our mission.

As we look for ways to keep our shareholders as safe as possible, we have decided to postpone our community informational meetings until it is safe and advisable to travel. In the coming weeks, we will be sharing community meeting and Annual Meeting updates by mail through the shareholder newsletter, on our website, and on our shareholder Facebook page. In compliance with the most recent State of Alaska health mandate on social distancing, we urge shareholders to continue to reach out to the corporation by email and phone. We appreciate your help in limiting risk to our employees and must forego in-person visits to the offices at this time.

To help support our shareholders in times of financial need, our Board of Directors declared a $15/share dividend for 2020, providing an additional $2/share than our dividend formula typically allows. Our Stock and Shareholder Services employees are available by email and phone to help you update your addresses and your direct deposit information.

We have always been people who come together to help each other. I want to urge all of our shareholders to be respectful of everyone’s health and do your best to follow the health mandates in place so we do not overwhelm our health care workers. Stay safe and continue to take care of each other. Please, remember our Lord during these trying times. Quyanaqpak.



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