New EMP+ Apprenticeship Program Begins Recruiting

New EMP+ Apprenticeship Program Begins Recruiting

EMP+ Program

WAINWRIGHT, AK – Olgoonik is launching a pilot apprenticeship program, the Electrician, Mechanics, Plumbers plus other vital trades Program (EMP+ Program), to support and train shareholders and shareholder descendants for jobs in the construction industry. Olgoonik will be working closely with its subcontractors to develop apprenticeship opportunities over the next few years, particularly on projects in the North Slope region, close to home for the majority of our shareholders. The first apprenticeship opportunity will be with Olgoonik Construction Services (OCS), a subsidiary of Olgoonik Corporation. OCS is recruiting for its first EMP+ Program applicants interested in working as Heavy Equipment Operators (click here to see posting). The selected apprentice will complete their apprenticeship in Wainwright. Interested applicants can apply online through June 30, 2021. Interviews will take place soon after the application deadline and work will begin in July 2021. As other shareholder apprenticeship opportunities become available, Olgoonik will share information on our website and Facebook page with our shareholders.


What is an apprenticeship? Is experience required?

  • An apprenticeship program allows selected applicants to work and get paid while learning a trade through a combination of technical instruction and on-the-job learning. Individuals who successfully complete an apprenticeship will earn a certification from the U.S. Department of Labor.
  • No experience is necessary to become an apprentice. However, if a candidate has prior experience, that may apply to the total required training hours for the apprenticeship. Candidates are asked to submit copies of any completed training certificates and certifications when applying.

Who is the apprenticeship for?

  • The apprenticeship is open to Olgoonik Corporation shareholders and direct lineal descendants of Olgoonik Corporation shareholders.

What programs are available?

  • We are currently only hiring for a Heavy Equipment Operator (HEO) Apprentice. Additional apprenticeships may be offered as contract work allows.

Is the apprenticeship with OC? Will I be employed by OC?

  • The Heavy Equipment Operator apprentice will be employed by Olgoonik Construction Services (OCS), a subsidiary of Olgoonik Holdings.

How many apprentices will be selected for each program?

  • Because this apprenticeship is a pilot program, one apprentice will be selected. Additional apprenticeship opportunities may be added in the future and any notices for additional opportunities will be published as they are available.

Will I be required to take a drug test?

  • Yes. The successful apprenticeship candidate will be required to pass an oral-swab drug test administered by Olgoonik prior to employment.

Will a background check be required?

  • Yes. The successful apprenticeship candidate will be required to pass a background check prior to employment.

Where will the apprenticeship take place? Will I need to travel?

  • The hands-on training portion of the apprenticeship will take place in Wainwright. The work available for apprentices is made possible through OCS contracts with the North Slope Borough.
  • Selected apprentices may be required to travel for orientation or related classroom instruction or training, if required by the employer.

How many hours are apprentices required to complete?

  • Apprentices are required to complete both on-the-job learning (OJL) and related technical instruction (RTI). OJL is the hands-on work and training the apprentice performs, while RTI is classroom instruction required as part of the apprenticeship.
  • The HEO apprentice will be required to complete 6,000 OJL hours (hand-on learning) and 530 RTI hours (classroom learning).

How long will it take to complete the apprenticeship?

  • Apprenticeships are multi-year commitments. It would typically take about three years to complete the apprenticeship, although things like weather, delays to the construction season, and other factors can affect how long it takes to complete the apprenticeship.

Will I be paid for on-the-job learning (OJL) as an apprentice? How much will I be paid?

  • Yes. For OJL work, apprentices are paid a percentage of a full journeyman-level rate of pay. The rate of pay for apprentices increases as the apprentice completes the required hours.

Will I be paid for related technical instruction (RTI)?

  • Yes. As part of a unique opportunity, a partnership between the North Slope Borough and OCS will pay for the selected apprentice’s learning modules, books, and class attendance time. Other apprenticeships may not pay for RTI, so we are pleased that the partnership between the North Slope Borough and OCS will be able to support selected apprentices as they complete the required classroom time.

What is the work schedule like?

  • Schedules vary, but apprentices will be working the same hours as journeyman workers which may be as much as 70 hours a week.

Who do I contact if I need help with my application?

Who do I contact for questions about the apprenticeship program?

  • Please contact OCS Project Coordinator Joan Bowers at 907-562-8728.