OC Board Opts to Retain Membership with AFN

Open House

OC Board Opts to Retain Membership with AFN

WAINWRIGHT, AK — At its December 2020 Quarterly Board Meeting, the Olgoonik Corporation Board of Directors made the unanimous decision to approve the corporation’s continued membership in the Alaska Federation of Natives (AFN) for the long-term best interest of shareholders.

Throughout OC’s years of membership with AFN, shareholders have had the opportunity to attend and speak at the convention, be nominated for prestigious awards, dance at Quyana Night, and attend open house gatherings in Anchorage. These opportunities would not be possible without OC’s continued involvement with AFN.

The Board also sees great value in AFN as a statewide platform for OC to bring to light and discuss important issues in the Wainwright community, including wetlands mitigation and the protection of our subsistence resources.

As a group, the OC Board agrees that it’s important to maintain a seat at the table at AFN for the advancement of our shareholders, our community, and our corporation into the future.

As advocates for shareholders, our Board members serve as delegates at the annual AFN convention. If you have an issue you’d like your Board members to address, please let them know.