Olgoonik Development LLC Announces Acquisition of FPM Group, Ltd and FPM Remediations, Inc

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Olgoonik Development LLC Announces Acquisition of FPM Group, Ltd and FPM Remediations, Inc

Anchorage, Alaska, April 30, 2018 – Olgoonik Development LLC (Olgoonik) is pleased to announce the acquisition of FPM Group, Ltd., FPM Remediations, Inc., and their associated assets, collectively “FPM”. For more than 40 years, FPM has provided environmental remediation, science, hydrology, and compliance services; geophysics; military munitions response; facilities engineering; and construction management services to federal, state, municipal, and commercial customers.

“Olgoonik is excited about the acquisition. The FPM companies are a great addition to the Olgoonik corporate family and share our strong commitment to customer satisfaction,” said Marty Miksch, president of Olgoonik Development Operations. Miksch added, “FPM brings new capabilities, and strong past performance and client relationships. We look forward to working with FPM’s exceptional management team and personnel in serving their existing clients while supporting their expansion across Olgoonik’s footprint and augmenting Olgoonik’s already strong capabilities.”

Olgoonik is an established provider of quality environmental services for government and commercial clients with extensive experience working in Alaska. The acquisition of FPM expands these services geographically across the continental United States and into the new areas of geophysics and military munitions response programs. FPM also provides facilities engineering services to complement Olgoonik’s engineering and construction services.

Olgoonik does not foresee changes to current operations at FPM. FPM Group, Ltd. and FPM Remediations, Inc. will operate as separate subsidiaries under Olgoonik Development. Gaby A. Atik, the previous president of FPM Remediations, Inc., will lead the operations of all the FPM companies.

In responding to the acquisition, FPM’s president, Gaby Atik said, “FPM looks forward to our future as a member of the Olgoonik family. We found that, like FPM, Olgoonik culture is fueled by the belief that our operations must be of the highest quality; our employees, which are our best asset, must be qualified and principled; and our commitment to safety and our client’s mission is unconditional.”

About Olgoonik – The Olgoonik Corporation was established in 1973 as an Alaska Native Corporation by the Inupiat elders of Wainwright, Alaska under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971. Olgoonik Development, LLC was formed as the Corporation’s holding company in 1999 and currently manages 12 Olgoonik subsidiaries providing construction, logistics, security, oilfield support, and environmental services, primarily to U.S. government and commercial customers in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East.

About FPM – From its inception in 1968, the company grew to become a nationally recognized multi-discipline engineering, construction management, and environmental science services corporation.

FPM Group, Ltd. is a small business that provides full service multi-discipline engineering, architecture, procurement, construction management, and environmental science services to commercial and government clients. FPM Remediations, Inc. is a small, HUBZone-certified environmental remediation services, geophysics, military munitions response, and design-build management company. FPM Remediations’ focus is on environmental remediation/restoration, including Performance-Based Remediation (PBR), primarily for the Department of Defense (DoD), including the Army, US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE), and the Air Force.