Olgoonik Employees of the Quarter: Rob Barnett and Janice Hester

Rob Barnett and Family

Olgoonik Employees of the Quarter: Rob Barnett and Janice Hester

We have a tie! Congratulations to Robert Barnett and Janice Hester for being selected as Olgoonik Employees of the Quarter for Q1.

Rob Barnett has worked for Olgoonik since 2005 and currently serves as the IT Director. While Rob’s primary role is to lead the IT team, he is also an incredibly important member of the security team and serves as facilities manager for the Anchorage office. The dedication he puts into his work and the quality of the outcome is consistently recognized by various departments and employees throughout the company. He is always committed to ensuring that Olgoonik networks, systems, and facilities are not only meeting industry standards, but exceeding them. Thank you, Rob, for your years of commitment to Olgoonik and for being a great role model for us all!

Janice Hester

Janice Hester has worked for Olgoonik Diversified Services at Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, since 2016. She currently serves in the role of Project Administrator, but consistently goes above and beyond the scope of her assigned duties to improve the site’s processes for all stakeholders (accounting, clients, project team, etc). Janice continually shows a positive attitude, a team mentality, and improves the mood of employees that work with her. Rather than work as if she is in competition with her co-workers to outshine them, she works alongside them to make sure the team shines as a whole. Thank you, Janice, for your positive attitude, hard work and dedication to Olgoonik!

Rob and Janice both embody the heart of the Olgoonik Core Values and for that, we thank them.