Olgoonik Foundation Launches Resource Guides


Olgoonik Foundation Launches Resource Guides

In 2020, OC’s Shareholder Services Department began looking at ways to continue supporting our shareholders, especially our youth, as they plan for the next part of their education or careers. Through Olgoonik Foundation, our non-profit that provides college and training scholarships for students, we developed a series of resource guides to help youth understand their options and the resources that are available to help them along the way.

We created six volumes that pulled information from a variety of organizations and areas to help individuals answer four fundamental questions:

1. What pathway is right for me?
2. What degrees and credentials can I earn?
3. What training can I pursue?
4. What financial resources can I use to pay for it?

In the future, we hope to also include components of these guides as part of our Career Connections curriculum when we interact with students at Aḷak School. We also know it’s important to ensure these resources are widely available for all shareholders and descendants to access. We hope these will guides will help our youth and prospective students identify the pathway that’s right for them by providing this information in one easily accessible location.

Volume 1: Choosing a School

Volume 2: Understanding Degrees

Volume 3: Apprenticeships

Volume 4: Financial Aid Overview

Volume 5: Financial Aid for Alaska Native Students

Volume 6: State and Federal Student Aid

Please contact ShareholderServices@olgoonik.com with any questions or for help with accessing these guides.