Olgoonik President and CEO Names Shareholder Employee of the Year

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Olgoonik President and CEO Names Shareholder Employee of the Year

Shareholder Employe of the Year

ANCHORAGE, AK — Olgoonik Corporation president and CEO, Hugh Patkotak, Sr., announced the Shareholder Employee of the Year at the 47th Annual Meeting of Shareholders on June 13, 2020. Nominations for Shareholder Employee of the Year are open to all Olgoonik employees. Nominees must meet the award criteria published by Human Resources, have a positive work attitude toward responsibilities, co-workers, and customers and serve as a role model for others, as well as exhibit commitment to their team and to safety. Olgoonik’s Shareholder Employee of the Year is Michelle Tazruk-Simmonds.

Michelle got her start in the Anchorage office, working in an administrative role. She learned Olgoonik’s corporate structure as the receptionist and hub for all the calls and mail coming into our corporate office in Anchorage. She provided assistance to department heads and her responsibilities grew as she learned more and performed to high standards on all her tasks. When Michelle moved out of state, Olgoonik was fortunate to have a nearby project site where her skills were welcomed. She became the first shareholder employed on a federal contract outside of Alaska. Her supervisors have recognized her intelligence and she has continued to take on new work and new opportunities. Most recently she has been working on a federal fueling contract in California.

Congratulations, Michelle! We are proud of your hard work and your success in Alaska and Outside.