Olgoonik Shareholders Elect Three Directors

Election Results 2024

Olgoonik Shareholders Elect Three Directors

WAINWRIGHT, AK — The 2024 Election of Directors results were shared at the conclusion of the 51st Annual Meeting of Shareholders, on June 8, 2024. Two incumbent candidates, Oliver Peetook and Steve Segevan were re-elected to 3-year terms and the third candidate, Janet Carson, was elected to a 3-year term serving on the Olgoonik Corporation Board of Directors. The Inspector of Election, Paul Lorec of Sramek-Hightower CPAs, provided the full election results to the meeting attendees and the complete results are reproduced below.


Oliver Peetook: 78,204.9

Steve Segevan: 46,331.7

Janet Carson: 82,607.4


Joseph I. Ahmaogak: 41,544.3

Chalmer Panik: 35,253.7

Following the adjournment of the Annual Meeting of Shareholders, the Board of Directors convened for their re-organizational meeting to determine officer positions. The Board chose to re-appoint the officers who previously served as Vice Chair, Vice President, and Secretary, and selected Janet Carson as Treasurer. The Chair and President serve 3-year terms and were re-appointed in 2023 to serve until 2026.

Other important information from our 51st Annual Meeting of Shareholders is available on our Annual Meeting page here.