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Shareholder of the Year Awards

Each year, Olgoonik leadership is happy to acknowledge exceptional shareholders who exemplify our corporation’s mission of
responsible development and maintaining our Iñupiaq traditions, cultures, and values. At our Annual Shareholder Meeting, recipients
of the following awards are announced. This year’s winner’s are posted online now. During the nomination period, anyone can nominate a phenomenal shareholder.

A shareholder or descendant 25 years or younger who has
exhibited strong leadership for the “younger generation” and is an
outstanding role model.

A shareholder or descendant who is an outstanding role model,
has exhibited strong leadership, or who exhibits dedication and
commitment to our communities, Olgoonik, or Iñupiat culture.

A shareholder 60 years or older who is an outstanding role model
and exemplifies the Iñupiat values guiding our corporation.


The nomination period will open in January 2024 for the next Shareholder of the Year awards.

Nominations will be processed by the Shareholder Services
department, who will check forms for completeness and to ensure the
nominee meets the required criteria. A 3-person non-shareholder
committee will be convened to review nominations and select a winner
for each category. Recipients will be announced at the Annual
Shareholder Meeting.

Awards may include a trophy or plaque, gift certificates
or other prizes, which can vary from year to year at the discretion of
Shareholder Services.


Nominees must be in good standing with Olgoonik Corporation.

Nominees must be a shareholder of Olgoonik Corporation or a
descendant of a shareholder (Youth and Leader awards). The
accomplishment(s) or contribution(s) to Olgoonik, our communities,
or our Iñupiaq Culture must be so outstanding that special
recognition is required.

Board Members of Olgoonik Corporation are eligible to receive this
award and will be given the same level of consideration as other
qualifying shareholders.

Nominations may be submitted by anyone, including
but not limited to: Shareholders of Olgoonik, non-shareholders,
teachers, community members, employers, and family members
familiar with the nominee and his or her accomplishments. To get a
full sense of the nominee’s accomplishments, please provide as
much information as possible.