2018 Shareholder Dividend


2018 Shareholder Dividend

The Olgoonik Corporation Board of Directors declared a 2018 Shareholder Dividend on March 29, 2018, of $18/share. Dividends will be distributed by June 16, 2018, via paper check to the shareholder address on file OR via direct deposit to a shareholder’s bank account on file, if a shareholder has elected to receive dividends via direct deposit.

2018 Shareholder Dividend Information

The fastest and easiest way to receive your dividend is to fill out, sign, and submit a Direct Deposit Election Form, along with a voided check, to our Wainwright or Anchorage offices. For shareholders who prefer to receive a paper check, make sure your mailing address on file is correct. If you suspect it may be out of date, fill out, sign, and submit an Address Change Form. To avoid delays in dividend payment, ALL FORMS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY APRIL 27, 2018. There are shareholder computer kiosks set up at the Wainwright office and at the Anchorage office that you may use to fill out and print forms during business hours.

If you need assistance with forms, please come by the Wainwright or Anchorage offices during business hours or contact Shareholder Services by phone or email: 907-562-8728 or shareholderservices@olgoonik.com. We experience a very high call volume during this time of year, so please be patient. We will make every effort to return your call promptly.


  • Paper checks will be mailed via U.S. Postal Service. Please allow adequate time for delivery before calling the office.
  • Checks cannot be held at the Wainwright or Anchorage offices.