Wainwright Assets

Olgoonik’s home village of Wainwright, Alaska, is strategically located in America’s Arctic with the Chukchi Sea in its front yard and the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska (NPR-A) in its back yard.

Olgoonik Corporation (OC) owns 175,000 acres of land in and around Wainwright. OC wants to be part of a strategic solution for America’s Arctic. OC has a skilled workforce, experienced in remote and Arctic construction. There is ample opportunity for partnerships with industry, scientific organizations, or government entities who want to maintain a presence in the Arctic as northern waterways open up and resource exploration companies explore NPR-A development.

Wainwright is a developed village with access to services like internet, utilities, small grocery stores, and a hotel and restaurant with conferencing facilities.


Partially Developed 1500 ac Parcel

Just six miles from the center of the village in Wainwright, on the edge of the Wainwright Lagoon, sits a partially developed parcel formerly used by the U.S. Air Force for their Distant Early Warning (DEW) Line operations. OC purchased the Dew Line site in 2016. OC owns surface and subsurface rights at the site. 25+ acres of gravel pads. The site includes a 100’ radar tower. 3,500’ airstrip with extension potential. Tech services building. Established winter trails between the site and the village.

OC Hotel & Restaurant

Remodeled in 2019, the OC Hotel & Restaurant welcomes guests year-round. The hotel can accommodate up to 28 guests in 14 single or double-occupancy rooms with private bathrooms. The Hotel offers high-speed Wi-Fi access for guests as well as satellite TV. The Hotel conference facility can accommodate up to 20 meetings/conference attendees in conference table configuration, plus additional attendees around the perimeter of the room.
CALL: 907-763-2514

OC Store and Washeteria

The OC Store is one of two small grocery stores serving the village of Wainwright. Visitors to Wainwright can find snacks, staple grocery items, small hardware items, toiletries, and access to the village washeteria for coin-op laundry.

OC Service Center

The OC Service Center includes a heavy equipment shop and a carpentry shop with personnel who maintain OC equipment and facilities. The Service Center also provides vehicle rentals, as needed.
CALL: 907-793-0866

OC Personnel Camps in Wainwright

To house project personnel for work on local infrastructure projects, OC established its personnel camps in Wainwright. The camps accommodate up to 36 guests in 18 double-occupancy rooms with shared bathrooms and laundry facilities.
CALL: 907-763-2514

Portable Personnel Camp

OC maintains a portable 30-man camp that can be deployed for remote operations.


Alaska’s North Slope is not gravel-rich. Gravel needed for projects in much of the North Slope region often has to be barged in. Wainwright is one of few locations where gravel mining is possible.

OC Fuel Station

The OC Fuel Station serves the community as a drive-up fuel station for gasoline, diesel, and propane, as well as the hub for home heating fuel deliveries throughout the village.
OC Fuel Station 907-763-2832
For after-hours service or deliveries,
CALL: 907-205-9895


Olgoonik manages approximately 175,000 acres of ANCSA surface estate lands. OC strives to manage its Land for subsistence, traditional, and cultural use, and to achieve economic benefits for OC and its Shareholders.



As part of our commitment to OC’s Iñupiat shareholders, OC endeavors to maintain a seat at any table where Arctic policy and Arctic development are being discussed. Our home village of Wainwright, Alaska, has convened a working group of decision-makers, the Wainwright Steering Committee, which includes leaders from OC, the City of Wainwright, and the Native Village of Wainwright. For more information about the Wainwright Steering Committee, please email our Governance team.

Wilson Center Polar Institute

We proudly partner with the Wilson Center Polar Institute. As an Institute sponsor, we participate in Arctic policy events at gatherings and conferences to share our unique perspective on Arctic life and development opportunities.

Arctic Circle

We are a founding sponsor of the Arctic Circle where we continue to meet with international peers and partners who are in dialogue about Arctic development.

Arctic Encounter

OC is a sponsor and regular presenter at the Arctic Encounter Symposium, the largest annual Arctic policy event in the U.S.


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