2020 Shareholder Survey

Shareholder Survey

2020 Shareholder Survey

3/11/2020 Update — Thank you to all who participated! Our winners were selected in a Facebook Live drawing. All have been contacted and their prizes are in the mail. Survey results will be shared at our next community meetings.

WAINWRIGHT, AK – Olgoonik Corporation has launched a 2020 Survey of Shareholders. OC President and CEO, Hugh Patkotak, Sr., is working with the executive leadership team and the OC Board of Directors to build a new 3-year strategic plan for the corporation, following successful completion of the 2020 strategic plan. He has emphasized that it is critical we hear from our voting shareholders about their priorities for shareholder programs and benefits, including opinions on re-opening enrollment.

Olgoonik’s leadership team wants to ensure that we continue to adhere to our mission statement and adopt a mission-centric strategic plan that allows us to build on our strengths in business operations and continues to factor in the needs of our shareholders.

To ensure a fair and anonymous process, we are working with Agnew::Beck, community development and planning professionals, to administer the survey and compile all results. Please consider taking 15 minutes to complete the survey online: Online 2020 OC Shareholder Survey

Print copies of the survey, with postage-paid envelopes, should be in your mailboxes this week, if we have a current mailing address for you. The survey is open to all of our voting shareholders who will be 18 years old or older, by the survey deadline: February 15, 2020. Survey respondents have the option to enter their names into a door prize drawing. We will be working with Agnew::Beck to select door prize winners and verify shareholder status.

If you choose to share your information for entry into the door prize drawings, OC will be giving away: 1 Apple iPhone 11, 3 Apple iPads, and 4 pairs of Apple AirPods. No duplicate entries accepted.

Completed surveys must be received by February 15, 2020.