Notice of Sealed Bid Auction – 505 Main St.

LM House Exterior

Notice of Sealed Bid Auction – 505 Main St.

**Bidding is closed. If you would like to confirm that your bid was received by the 3rd party reviewer, please contact Mickey Hage directly at Sramek Hightower: 907-677-3320. Reference the OC Sealed Bid Auction.**

The OC Board of Directors has approved the sale of 505 Main St. in Wainwright, Alaska, by sealed bid auction. Please read the full bid packet and affiliated materials for detailed information about the property and the bid process. The deadline for shareholders to submit bids is Friday, October 18, 2019. All materials are available here:

505 Main St – Bid Packet

505 Main St – Bid Checklist (this includes a form to provide your credit card information for bid deposit)

505 Main St – How to Submit a Sealed Bid (sample bid with photos illustrating the process)

505 Main St – Site Survey

505 Main St – Tax Assessment

Please review all linked materials before calling the OC office to schedule a property visit during regular business hours. Direct all questions to the resources listed in the packet.