Photos of Shareholder Forms Now Accepted

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Photos of Shareholder Forms Now Accepted

WAINWRIGHT, AK — To simplify form submission while our offices remain closed to visitors, the OC Stock Department is now accepting smartphone photos of completed shareholder forms. Shareholders now have three options for completing forms, which are all available online through the Shareholder Portal:

Submit your forms via smartphone photo
  1. Complete the form online in the fillable PDF version, include a digital signature, and email to
  2. Print the form at home, fill out, sign, and mail to the OC Office (P.O. Box 29, Wainwright, AK 99782)
  3. Print the form, fill out and sign, take a smartphone phone of the completed form and send it to

We will contact you to verify any information you submit via smartphone photo. To ensure your forms are processed quickly, please make sure photos are clear and all the form information is easy to read.

Our team is checking email and helping shareholders over the phone, so please reach out to the Wainwright or Anchorage offices if we can assist you: or 907-763-2613 or 907-562-8728.