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Your Stock Department

Your Stock department concentrates their efforts on shareholder stock records. Starting in 2023, shareholders are invited to register for our secure shareholder records portal,, where you can access and manage records for yourself and your dependents. Visit Programs and Opportunities to learn more about ongoing activities. Visit the Careers page to view current job opportunities with Olgoonik companies around the world!

Contact Your Stock Team

Your OC Stock team manages all paperwork related to enrollment in the corporation. Shareholders are invited to download a copy of the OC Shareholder Stock Handbook.

P: 907-763-2613 or 2614
F: 907-763-2926
Toll-Free: 1-855-763-2613

P: 907-562-8728
F: 907-562-8751

To contact the Stock Department team, please use our dedicated shareholder contact form.