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It is important, and the responsibility of shareholders, to maintain a current and accurate mailing address with the Olgoonik Corporation office.

Following is a list of shareholders who do not have a current mailing address on record. If your name appears below, or if you know how to contact the following, please notify OC by phone at 907-763-2613 or 907-562-8728 or use the online form below.

You may also mail a completed Form 24 – Change of Address to P.O. Box 29, Wainwright, AK 99782.

  • Ahmaogak, Charlie Ben
  • Anglin, Daisy May
  • Aveoganna III, Darryl (cust. Eva Bodfish)
  • Aveoganna, Marjorie
  • Aveoganna, Natasha Starlight
  • Barr, Miriam Violet
  • Bean, William Herbert Christopher
  • Bennett, Bibianna
  • Bodfish, Fannie Beth
  • Bodfish, Lisa
  • Bodfish Jr., Barry
  • Boster, Lisa M
  • Boster, Marilyn
  • Bowen, Stephanie Nicole
  • Brooks, Gwendalyn
  • Driggs, Alassandra
  • Ekak, Monique
  • Ekak, Steven
  • Edwardson, Dora

  • Fitka, Traci
  • Floyd, Nakia
  • Gabrielsen, William
  • Gabrielsen-Shimp, Madison (cust. Eva Gabrielsen)
  • Gage, Devan T
  • Helme, Sarah
  • Hopson, Sandee D
  • Hormann-Wolfe, Cassiopeia
  • Kikoak, Melanie Violet
  • Kimball, Michael William
  • Kimiksana, Elizabeth
  • Koonaloak, Tristan (cust. Nancy Akpik)
  • Mangelana, Spencer
  • Marks, Kai Robin (cust. Stephanie Bowen)
  • Monroe, Micah
  • Nashoalook, Trevor J. (cust. Daisy Nashoalook)
  • Pierce, Joann
  • Segevan, Fred Apayuaq
  • Segevan, Johnny
  • Segevan, Teddy S.
  • Sidon, Jarlath
  • Sweeney, Maclean
  • Tagarook, Maggie (cust. Sandy Hopson)
  • Taleak, Harriet
  • Templeton, Isaiah Antone (cust. Stephanie Thibedeau)
  • Thornton, Jenifer
  • Toomey, Billy
  • Tukle, Della Loreana
  • Wolfe, Angela
  • Negovanna, Burrell
  • Pannett, Curtis
  • Peetook, Ryan
  • Pikonganna, Franklin

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